Academic Personal Website

Welcome to the academic personal website of Qilin Zhang (pronounced as IPA: [tΙ•Κ°ǐ.lǐn ΚˆΚ‚áŋ] or [ch’i lin chang]), where I share my research progress in machine learning (especially in deep learning / deep neural networks) with applications in computer vision / natural language processing / signal processing.

My complete publication list is in the πŸ“š tab, with links to full-text preprint PDF, BibTex files, etc. I also have patent applications and a short biography listed in the πŸ’‘ and πŸ‘€ tabs, respectively. My office address and email can be found in the πŸ“§ tab.

In 2020, I joined ABB - US Corporate Research Center (USCRC) in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a Senior Research Scientist. Prior to that, I worked first as a Senior Research Engineer and later as a Lead Research Engineer for HERE Technologies in Chicago, Illinois, where I worked on neural network-based machine learning algorithm design and contributed to the computer vision-based road feature perception for autonomous driving.

Prior to that, I worked as a Ph.D. student/research assistant at the Department of Computer Science of Stevens Institute of Technology. I was also fortunate to work as a summer R&D intern at GE Global Research in 2015, and as a research assistant at University of Florida before 2012.

As a passionate engineer and researcher, I appreciate the opportunities to build a network with innovative individuals who share similar research interests. Let us connect on LinkedIn.